The magical world of the Middle Ages

Oyez ! Oyez ! Ladies and valiant knights, this year we are diving into the fantastic world of the Middle Ages. In the shadow of the castles that you will see in the distance, we will write a new festive page of the famous Balade Gourmande of Beblenheim.Come in large numbers and take part in the contest as a solo, duo, group/family. The winners will be evaluated on their costumes, their inventiveness and their good humor (see contest rules).

So what will you be to dazzle us? Lady Guinevere and Lord Lancelot, or William Tell or even the Mother of Dragons? We’re sure princes and princesses, elves and fairies, troubadours, witches and werewolves will be out!

Contest rules

Balade Gourmande of Beblenheim

May 28, 2023

Theme: The magical world of the Middle Ages

The contest “The magical world of the Middle Ages” is intended for adults and children participating in the Balade Gourmande de Beblenheim which will take place on Sunday May 28, 2023. Its aim is to create a friendly animation.

Conditions of participation:

Each participant in the competition must be registered for the Balade Gourmande of Beblenheim which will take place on May 28, 2023. Participation in the competition is free. Participants choose to compete in one of three categories: individual, couple or group. There is no age requirement. Minor children or adolescents remain under the full responsibility of their parents or legal representatives. The Beblenheim Festival Committee declines all responsibility in the event of an accident. Each participant agrees to abide by these rules.

At the start of the Balade Gourmande, participants will find a photobooth. Those who wish to participate in the competition can have their photograph taken individually, as a couple or in a group. The Festival Committee will choose 10 photos in each of the three aforementioned categories.

Criteria judged: Originality, aesthetics, cohesion, relationship with the theme and good humor (a little choreography is obviously a bonus).


The 10 photos selected in each category will be published on the Facebook page of the Balade Gourmande de Beblenheim on May 29, 2023.

The photo that will receive the most “likes” in each of the three categories on Wednesday, May 31 at 10 p.m. will win. The winners must contact the Festival Committee via Facebook before June 11, 2023 at midnight to collect their prize. Beyond this date, the lot will be lost.

One entry for the Balade Gourmande 2024 will be given to the winner of the “individual” category. Two entries for the Balade Gourmande 2024 will be awarded to the winners of the“couple” category. Four entries for the Balade Gourmande 2024 will be awarded to the winners of the “group” category.

Publicity rights and image rights:

Participants (adults and legal guardians of children) in the contest implicitly agree to have their photograph taken. Their photos may be used freely by the Festival Committee of La Balade Gourmande de Beblenheim, without any financial compensation, for press articles, posters, publications on the internet (site and Facebook page of the Balade Gourmande de Beblenheim) and any support aimed at promoting La Balade Gourmande de Beblenheim.

Non-acceptance of this clause results in exclusion from the competition.

Further information:

The contest rules may be modified at any time and without notice. The fact of participating in the competition implies full acceptance of the clauses of these rules. Any case not provided for in the regulations will be submitted to the President of the Beblenheim Festival Committee.